There have been several blockchain related investments made. The general thesis is that there are seven network effects taking place with Bitcoin: (1) Speculation, (2) Merchants, (3) Consumers, (4) Security/Miners, (5) Developers, (6) Financailization and (7) Settlement Currency.

The investments are to start at the beginning of these network effects.

Blockchain related investments include:

Armory Bitpay Kraken

To properly speculate the private keys must be properly secured hence the investment in Armory and to be traded there must be an exchange, Kraken.

In February 2016, after implementing innovations including cold storage, hierarchical deterministic wallets, fragmented backups and multi-sig implementations; funding for Armory Technologies Incorporated discontinued development of the open source Bitcoin Armory software and future development was done via goatpig under the MIT license.

The easier it is for merchants to accept Bitcoin the more likely they will be to engage the services of a merchant processor like Bitpay. Trace supported removing Bitpay for an unethical hard fork policy which violated's standards.

Why Hire Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an amazing technological innovation enabling the transfer of value over a communications channel. There are many different use cases for individuals to buy and hold Bitcoin.

Understanding the job that needs to be done is critical for prioritizing what extensibility to focus on.

Major Categories For Hiring Bitcoin

  • Secure Online Transactions
  • Bail-Ins
  • Negative Interest Rates
  • Borderless
  • Irreversible
  • Deflation
  • Programmable Money
  • Multi-Signature
  • Bitcoin 2.0
  • Monetary Sovereignty

Monetary Sovereignty

For example, mankind has never really owned their own money before. It's always been owned by their rulers. In the case of the United states that would be the Federal Reserve and it's board members.

The Fed is not a part of government, but rather a private cabal. Even when our government had a currency actually backed by reserves it was only fractionally backed and therefore just an illusion.

Bitcoin gives the ability for people to actually own their own money. You can't possibly own something if someone else can dilute the value of it by making more and taking it from you through inflation. With bitcoin the amount that will be created is known and that is it.