Trace Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender of the freedom of speech. Trace Mayer holds degrees in Accounting and law. He has studied Austrian economics focusing on Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises.


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Trace has always been very interested in entrepreneurship, finance, economics, history, law, money and the financial markets.

He believes education is the key to opportunity and humility, the ability to challenge one's views or premises and then change or adapt, are essential to successfully allocate capital.

He wants to see people be successful and believes that to do this power should be decentralized. The most effective way to decentralize power is with the currency.

Doing this will lead to a better society and environment in which people can exercise their individual autonomy through their will and volition.


To this end of decentralizing power Trace also believes strongly in privacy. Cryptography requires being able to protect secrets.

Without the ability to keep secrets, individuals lose the capacity to distinguish themselves from others, to maintain independent lives, to be complete and autonomous persons.

This does not mean that a person actually has to keep secrets to be autonomous, just that she must possess the ability to do so. The ability to keep secrets implies the ability to disclose secrets selectively, and so the capacity for selective disclosure at one’s own discretion is important to individual autonomy as well.

Secrecy is a form of power. The ability to protect a secret, to preserve one’s privacy, is a form of power. The ability to penetrate secrets, to learn them, to use them, is also a form of power. Secrecy empowers, secrecy protects, secrecy hurts.

The ability to learn a person’s secrets without his or her knowledge — to pierce a person’s privacy in secret — is a greater power still.